Sunday, July 17, 2011

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez The Wedding Crasher at Paige Conway Cousin’s Party Video

Justin Bieber was spending his time in Los Angeles, California and he decided to make a special surprise as a wedding crasher to Paige Conway cousin’s wedding.

Justin Bieber met and surprised Paige Conway for the first time few months ago at the Ellen Show. So Who is Paige Conway?? She is a belieber. One of the biggest Justin Bieber fans who got lucky to meet Justin. See their video! Sweet!

So what’s the story of the Wedding Crasher? On Saturday night, Justin and Selena were walking along the beach when they heard someone playing some of Justin’s music — from there, he decided that it would be fun to randomly crash the person’s event, and it happened to be a wedding for Paige’s cousin.

Paige Conway tweeted to prove that it actually happened (you can see the photo in the video to the left), and since then Paige Conway has become one of Trending Topics on Twitter.

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