Sunday, May 22, 2011

Justin returns from Tokyo, Sings for Selena Gomez Video

Wednesday night but just couldn’t wait to Selena Gomez again. Right after finishing up Tokyo, Japan, Justin was spotted out with girlfriend Selena Gomez on Saturday night as the couple attended a concert in Costa Mesa, CA. They sat next to each other and held hands while watching singer Ernie Halter’s performance at La Cave.

Of course, he couldn’t keep it an entirely quiet night, as he decided to jump on stage with Ernie. Aside from being a performer, Ernie Halter is a songwriter, writing Justin’s hit song Come Home To Me Selena sang along with him, but from her seat in the audience. Once he finished up the song, Justin sat back down with Selena at their romantic little booth to finish watching Ernie’s performance.

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