Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Canadian Skydiver Michael Ungar Dies - Ontario Skydiver Dies During Landing in California [VIDEOS]

Experienced skydiver Michael Ungar, top, died Tuesday after a hard landing at a facility in southern California. He's seen here during a tandem dive in a staff photo at the Niagara Skydive Centre in Dunnville, Ont.

Michael Ungar, 32, of Aylmer, Ont., died Tuesday after hitting the ground attempting a risky manoeuvre known as "swooping", a high-speed dive to skim the ground before lifting up and landing.

Ungar was found in a small body of water at the south end of the field at 2091 Goetz Road, according to Perris police Sgt. Sergio Rodriguez.

An investigation revealed Ungar was injured during a difficult aerial maneuver, Rodriguez said.Witnesses said the victim's parachute opened but he had trouble controlling it.

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