Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brutal attack referee by Julian Bursuc - Full Video

In the 55th minute of Sfintul Gheorge's 3-0 loss to Iskra-Stal, Moldovan star Julian Bursuc went against all of these notions by throwing a haymaker at referee Ghenadie Sidenco.

According to Yahoo Eurosport, Gheorge began arguing with the referee and a linesman when the score was 1-0. In the video above, Bursuc and a teammate appeared to be talking to the linesman when Sidenco and a police officer enter the scene. Bursuc delivered a right hook out of nowhere and was immediately detained by the officer. Surprisingly, Sicenco was able to stay on his feet, seeming to shrug off the punch.

Shortly after the incident, Bursuc was so upset with himself that he decided to retire.

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