Friday, October 21, 2011

UCLA Bruins vs. Arizona Wildcats Game

UCLA is having a Championship season, but to ask - as KnudsenRockne did when presenting this idea - whether the Bruins are playing like Champions, regardless of what the win-loss record happens to show. Meanwhile, as freesia noted in yesterday's Spaulding Roundup, some of the various UCLA beat writers have published midseason report cards for the Bruin Football team, using more traditional divisions of grading, dividing the team into its various offensive and defensive units, as well as special teams and coaching. With tonight being the start of the second half of the Bruins season, this looks like a good time to take a look at our Eye Test GPA, and how it compares to the Grades and GPA assigned by Jon Gold for the Daily News and Peter Yoon for ESPN LA.

While I will break down the Eye Test grading in a moment, I'll start by listing the overall GPA for each game. Houston: 2.05; San Jose State: 0.67; Texas: 0.22; Oregon State: 2.12: Stanford: 1.97; Washington State: 1.95. The overall Bruins Nation Eye Test GPA: 1.50. In comparison, the beat writer GPA's are: Gold/Daily News: 1.89. Yoon/ESPN LA: 1.90.

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